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Are you looking to start a career in the most in-demand medical sector of the NYC! CNA Certification gives you the career orientation to reach this goal. Certified Nursing Assistant training is a 6 to 8 weeks duration which guides you to prepare for State Certified Nurse Aide Exam. Moreover, you can clear all licensing requirements and quickly find employment as a certified nurse aide in NYC hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and daycare centers for the seniors.

What is Certified Nursing Assistant Training in NYC?

The Certified Nursing Assistant Training Program in NYC is the best opportunity to learn nursing skills and start a career in the medical care. If your desire is to nurse and heal people, work around the patients while ensuring them personal care, accept and accomplish challenging tasks, and play perfectly your role as a member of a medical team, then getting trained as a certified nurse aide in NYC may help you. This kind of training will open up ways for high level nursing and medical care jobs.

Nursing training

Why NYC Certified Nursing Assistant Training is in Demand?

As there is a faster growth of aging people all across the USA, certified nursing aides in NYC will be required to take care of these senior patients. Additionally, increased rates of infections, chronic diseases and dementia will add to demand for nursing care. Through certified nursing assistant training in NYC, number of students can now become certified nursing aides and fill the vacancies created in sophisticated organizations who want to provide quality patient care all the time. They can also make a great difference in the life of patents residing in long term care facilities with their expert care and efficiency. Few area of where you can be interested –

  • Emotional and physical support for aging baby boomers in the USA.
  • Basic care for chronic diseases and age related memory loss etc
  • Very quickly covered and completed certified nursing assistant training programs
  • Easy placement in different hospitals, adult care and health care centers.

Nurse Assistance Training

What are Eligibility Criteria for a Certified Nurse Aide in NYC?

To become a certified nurse aide in NYC, you will have to complete at least 100 hours of the Nursing Assistant training program and clinical practice. Once the training program (theory and practical training) is over, you will have to sit for the State Certified Nurse Aide Examination which is managed by Prometric. If you are able to pass the exam, then your name will be included in the NYC nursing aides’ registry.

NYC Approved Private Career School for CNA

The state recognized Private Career Schools mostly operate with an objective to help students succeed in the most in-demand medical care sector. They develop highly useful CNA certification course to help graduate nurses from all across the world satisfy all licensing criteria and find respectable posts. They offer the following advantages:

  • Affordable & effective CNA training program
  • Easy enrollment
  • Weekday & weekend classes
  • Theoretical and practical classes
  • Continuously upgraded program
  • High success rate
  • Easy and quick placement
  • Well-paying jobs

Concord Rusam is a state recognized SEVIS School offering Certified Nursing Assistant Training in NYC and many more effective programs to help students become certified medical professionals with proper qualification and license. It gives the most convenient option to students in 125 hours long CNA training program so that they can get introduced to overall health care and plays the role perfectly as a certified nursing aide in NYC. If you want to successfully prepare and pass the State Certified Nurse Aide Examination without any issue of license, consider joining the Certified Nursing Assistant Training in NYC program of Concord Rusam now!

To enquire about the course details and price, contact Concord Rusam at 212-619-2260 or drop a message via info@. For more information stay social with us Facebook, Twitter and

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