By: concordrusam | May 22, 2018

With this globalization era, maximum students are dreaming to have their degree in famous universities in the world. Despite of protectionism, maximum western universities are receiving thousands of foreign students today. In order to earn degrees, despite of qualification, one has to qualify for student visa. Without it, earning a degree from any foreign universities couldn’t be accomplished.

Needless to mention, different universities in United States have dissimilar admission policies. Before going to reserve a seat, they will tell you what type of academic eligibility you should have. Apart from a bunch of requirements, initially, you should convince that, you have enough money to continue your study program and you also need to work separately for earning in order to get assistance for your studies. In addition, they should make it sure that, you have health insurance which will help you to get financial coverage in medical issues. There is a caution that, you should have to keep prepare all these things in advance in order to get the visa in right time. Once you have done your preparedness perfectly, there will be not much obstacles you have to face in order to accomplish your dream.

What is next?

Once you have successfully convinced your university about all your credentials, they will deliver I-20 form which will assist you to get student visa. One thing is to be cleared that, all these visa applications will be applied through US embassy from the country you belongs to. Apart from them, you can also apply visa from the applicants of the USA consular office those are located abroad. Make sure that, you are applying for visa from your country because; it is very hard to qualify for the visa outside your native country.

There are some strict rules issued by authorities and you have to follow them in order to get your student visa which is known as one feather to your dream. Initially, you have to pay an application fee which is non-refundable and on the off chance, if you are not eligible to have your visa, you won’t get that amount back. I 20 application for international students is all you need to complete and submit DS-160 which is required with the online application for immigrant bias. Students those are between sixteen to forty-five years old, they need DS-157 form should be filled thoroughly. However, without passport, there is no way to have the visa you want. So, before going to apply the student visa, make sure that you have a valid passport. If you have fulfilled all these criteria, you are no more behind to accomplish your dream for earning a degree from USA


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