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The Phlebotomy certification is optional but it is it is highly recommended as most organizations and health institution requires it. Certified phlebotomy technicians from a recognized phlebotomy training institutes in NYC have many opportunities to shine and to showcase their professional achievement. It also makes you prepare for any emergencies and help you understand proper laboratory procedures. Thus one can avoid the possibility of contamination or infection to anyone.

Detailed Training

Accredited phlebotomy training programs usually take from one semester to one year time to complete, finish a phlebotomy training certification. The coursework generally includes the anatomy and physiology, blood and cell composition, blood sampling procedures, laboratory safety and much more thing to make a student expert in this medical profession.  The phlebotomy training organizations in NYC offers the best, fast and efficient process to train the students at every step of the way. It also educates the students about Basic venipuncture techniques, Butterfly techniques commonly used for the elderly and children with small veins healstick or capillary puncture for newborns and much more. The phlebotomy training program in NYC will also cover lab equipment handling skills and proper procedure to remove spills to avoid infection and physical harm.

Phlebotomy Technician Workplace

Allied health professionals who get phlebotomy training from an accredited organization in NYC that work at the top of their scope of practice. They could bring a higher level of valued and efficient healthcare service to the society. Phlebotomy technicians work in hospitals, laboratories, physician’s offices, donation facilities and other healthcare settings where blood is taken and examined. Some of the Phlebotomy technicians have traveled to collect the blood sample from homebound people.  Certified phlebotomy experts have great job prospects in large hospitals or in recognized laboratories that operate continuously. They also can have their own lab units or work at any time as per their flexibility.

Phlebotomy Training NYC

Phlebotomy Technician Jobs

A phlebotomy technician draws blood samples from patients or blood donors in a safer way and gets ready those specimens for medical lab testing. Several patients might have an irrational fear when it comes to blood and needles, and giving blood for a test can be the most complex part of an office visit. Phlebotomy Training NYC offers the best studying as well as a practical atmosphere for students to make theme best experts in their field. The phlebotomy training will help the technicians to create an atmosphere of trust and self-confidence among patients while collecting blood samples in a skillful, safe and reliable manner. With this, they became the healthcare professionals responsible for performing various functions such as venipunctures, micro blood sample collection, and blood specimen processing and handling while maintaining patient safety m, confidentiality.


Finding the right phlebotomy training program can be easy when you join the phlebotomy training program offered by Concord Rusam in NYC. We did not need a High School Diploma or graduation certification for our phlebotomy training program and offer the simple entrance exam to qualify for the training! With our full review course, students became successfully certified to start a lifetime career.  For inquiry contact us now at 212-619-2260, 212-619-2280, 877-787-4500 to have your own phlebotomy certification!



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