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What is a Clinical Medical Assistant?

A clinical medical assistant is a medical support professional responsible to handle different tasks to help physicians by providing patient care and attention to detail. A clinical medical assistant ensures that the health care clinics and hospitals run smoothly and efficiently/

While clinical medical assistants working in a smaller practice may be required to perform some administrative tasks, those working in larger medical facilities focus mainly on providing support services directly related to patient care.

However, the administrative medical assistants work at the front desk and reception area of a clinic or a doctor’s office. But the clinical medical assistants work ...

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Phlebotomy training is something beyond taking blood! Phlebotomy training is an addition to teaching blood collection techniques, prepare you for emergencies, and help you understand proper laboratory procedures to avoid contamination or infection of yourself and others. Accredited phlebotomist technician will show you all of the necessary techniques and processes. It will ultimately make the entire thing easy and make you a competent and skilled phlebotomist.

Phlebotomy Training NYC

Phlebotomy training in NYC trains the students to draw blood samples from patients with minimum pain and discomfort. They also teach the students how to prepare specimens for medical examination. The candidates are trained with all the necessary procedures and techniques in ...

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Understanding Phlebotomy –

Phlebotomy is derived from the Greek words – “Phlebo” and “Tomia”. Phlebo means pertaining to a blood vessel and “Tomia” means cutting off. In other words, phlebotomy is name for drawing blood. A professional responsible for drawing blood is called a phlebotomist. The actual process involved in phlebotomy is known as Venipuncture.

A phlebotomist is an important individual in a medical team. They help in minimizing the workload and responsibilities for nurses and doctors. While their job responsibilities are straightforward – drawing specimens for testing, a phlebotomist plays a key role in helping patients receive a precise and on-time diagnosis.


Most people often use medical care services and the requirements fo...

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Medical assistance job is emerging as one of the hottest roles in healthcare careers. They offer tremendous employment potential with a lucrative salary and fantastic employment benefits and job security. On-campus clinical medical assistant classes require students to attend all classes and laboratory sessions in a traditional campus setting. These intensive medical assistant classes in NYC are specially designed for students who wish to have a rewarding yet challenging career in the healthcare sector.

Nurse Assistance Training

Concentrating on the ailment growth level, it is expected that nearly more than 160,000 new jobs will be available to medical assistants within the year 2025. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) also reveals that an average hourly wage fo...

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NCLEX-RN® Examination is the National Council Licensure Examination. This exam has one objective – to determine whether it’s safe for you to start practicing as an entry level nurse. The exam is quite different than other tests that you often take in the nursing school.

While the exams in the nursing school are based on knowledge, the NCLEX-RN® tests the analysis and application by using the nursing knowledge you’ve learned in school. The exam will test how you will use the critical thinking skills to make important nursing related judgments.